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Natieva is an online-based learning platform that can easily improve English and Japanese skills so that you can support your work

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Our Classes

Natieva has a variety of English and Japanese classes that you can take. The following is a list of classes available on Natieva :



Great choice to prepare your IELTS Certified

Business English

Class suitable for those engaged in business

Business Conversation

Everything is good when you are smoothly in a conversation

Basic Japanese

Japanese is a language for a destination that is amazing

Every step is a valuable

Our Teachers

Natieva together with professional and certified teachers who will help to improve your skills


Arin Van Rensburg

United Kingdom

I am here to give you, your best experience of your life! If you really want to learn English fast and effectively from a very passionate human-being than I am the person for you. I love teaching English and I am a certified TEFL teacher.



United Kingdom

I am passionate about anything to do with art in any form! I’ve also had the opportunity to work on event production for music tours. I have a diploma and TEFL certificate and have been teaching for three years. I am now travelling around Southeast Asia teaching English.


Paul Holder

United States

Besides teaching english and learning about other cultures, meeting new people, food, music, my favorite hobby is surfing. I have more than 8 years of experience in teaching english online, always give my best to interact with my students on a professional and interesting level.English Teaching Certificate : TEFL



South Africa

I am a certified TEFL Educator from South Africa. I have more than 4 years experience teaching English to both children and adults. I have a passion for helping people and to learn about other people. I would love to travel the world and learn about all the different people and cultures.

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